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Host Emme Porter Spokesmodel for NYC’s Price Scaler Social Media Marketing Campaign

DC’s own, EmmeGirls CEO, long time Washington Capitals cheerleader and now coach Emme Porter will be featured in two commercials for NYC based Price Scaler. The videos will be featured on infomercials, Youtube, PriceScaler.com, and the powerful EmmeGirls social media network. “I…

ModelBuzz™ by EmmeGirls™ Open to Select Models and Fashion Bloggers

ModelBuzz™ is a modeling community developed by CEO Bruce Porter, Jr. Mr. Porter is the owner of Social Networks Manager™ an international social media marketing agency and brings years of experience in managing web development projects and producing and staffing large events…

#ModelBuzz Calling all Fashion Bloggers Model Buzz is Hiring

Model Buzz is hiring fashion, modeling bloggers, vloggers and photo journalist. If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Model Buzz team please login at www.ModelBuzz.TV and email username and experience to Bruce@ModelBuzz.TV. If you have an article or photos, videos, anything to do with fashion or modeling featured on Model Buzz put a link to your media on Twitter with hashtag “#ModelBuzz“ for consideration.