Host Emme Porter Spokesmodel for NYC’s Price Scaler Social Media Marketing Campaign Spokesmodel EmmeGirls CEO Emme Porter Spokesmodel EmmeGirls CEO Emme Porter

DC’s own, EmmeGirls CEO, long time Washington Capitals cheerleader and now coach Emme Porter will be featured in two commercials for NYC based Price Scaler. The videos will be featured on infomercials, Youtube,, and the powerful EmmeGirls social media network. “I am excited about being the Price Scaler spokesmodel” says Emme Porter. “With our brand recognition and growing database of professional models we are fulfilling lot of requests for elite and celebrity spokesmodels.”

This marks the second time the two companies have collaborated after EmmeGirls staffed models for Price Scaler over a year ago. Add Price Scaler to the EmmeGirls repeat client list which includes Olympian Michael Phelps, sporting goods giants Everlast & Puma, and Red Bull energy drink to name a few. “As we continue to expand our marketing reach we are excited to start selling products and increasing revenue for our clients.”

Call today 202 436 5114 to book event staff, elite and sports spokesmodels, trade show models, and social media marketing. Visit our EmmeGirls Promotional Models website.


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